Installations, panels, systems for automation and the industrial process

We deal with automation systems for controlling machines and production lines in manufacturing and process companies. Thanks to our experience, the internal technical staff, collaboration with sector professionals and with the most qualified partners and suppliers on the market, we follow our customers from the initial designing of systems to after sales assistance, to offer a complete, reliable and professional service, which you can always count on. The automation systems we design include control and application hardware to supervise the installation (continuous, batch, combined, with direct or remote access, via web or with remote assistance and control). Company IT infrastructure can be integrated, thanks to “custom” software for reporting, analysis and optimisation of the production performance.

Custom solutions

The Caraglio Group has always studied custom solutions for the needs of each customer, finding the most suitable, safe and functional systems in the plant and electrical engineering field, automation and supervision software, network engineering, documentation, personnel training and assistance after the installation is built.

We are responsible for:

  • • Assessing installation feasibility.
  • • Acquiring installation data, customer needs and development of the system project.
  • • Assessing the field of application of laws, directives and technical standards and checking the compliance with what is produced.
  • • Checking and selecting data communication and acquisition devices
  • • Complying with legal requirements of a construction and documentation nature connected with the construction of systems on board machinery, process systems and production lines, remote control systems, and installations in dangerous areas.
  • • Designing and creating hardware for system automation (PLCs, motors and drives, robots and operator panels) and software for supervision of machines, process systems and production lines (HMI, SCADA and continuous process management).
  • • Developing supervision systems, integrating them with the company IT network
  • • Wiring, testing, installation and commissioning electric panels, networks and systems on board machinery.
  • • Providing all of the documentation related to the automation system design.
  • • Training the customer’s personnel how to use the system correctly.
  • • Providing post-start-up assistance with telephone support, remote connection and/or interventions on the system.